Taylor's Birth Story

Taylor is sleeping on my chest while I write this and I just can't get over him! He is the perfect addition to our family and is just so so special. All those doctor appointments and worries were more than worth it!

We've known the day he would be born ever since we found out my due date. When we had our stillborn they found that my blood clots while I'm pregnant so he wasn't able to receive the nutrients he needed. Then I went into preterm labor with Hudson at 26 weeks and did 9 weeks of bedrest. By Riley they found the right mix of medications, shots, tests and ways to make it to 37 weeks, which is when my Perinatologist and OB/GYN doctor both feel it is the best for the baby to come out and for my health to avoid blood clotting for me or struggling for him. So we've known since December that August 24th I would be induced if I could make it there. I stopped my progesterone shots a couple weeks before delivery to give my cervix time to soften and prepare for labor. I knew I really wanted to have this baby without an epidural and pain meds because I wanted that experience and my epidural was a little scary with Riley. So the week leading up to my induction I was starting to walk more, stretch and roll my hips on my yoga ball.

We got to the hospital Thursday night at 7 PM, checked in, got settled and my nurse checked my cervix to see where I was. I was barely a one three days before so I wasn't expecting much. To our surprise I was at a 3! With the other boys they have always given me a medication to prepare the cervix which also helps to dilate for a few hours then in the morning start Pitocin (a medication to intensify contractions and get active labor rolling). Because I was naturally at a 3 when I came in the protocol is to start Pitocin and skip the other medicine. So we were all sure I would have him by 1 AM or at the max 3 AM. Needless to say by 3 AM I was on the maximum dose of Pitocin through my IV, contractions had picked up and I was at a 4... yes you read that right, after almost 7 hours of Pitocin I had progressed one centimeter. HOW?! The nurses and my doctor were just as surprised as we were, so we started to get more creative with movement on the yoga ball, walking and using the peanut ball to try and move him down. Around 7 AM my doctor came in and broke my water, they were thinking this would really get things going. I was still only at a 5 at this point. My nurse came in and decided to go ahead and go past the normal max dose of Pitocin and bump me to a drip of 24... ouch to say the least. The contractions intensified and no water to cushion them at this point. I kept walking laps in the room, trying to sway and move around as best as I could, while Carl was pushing my back and hips to help relieve some pressure during contractions. By about noon I was checked again and was still only at a 7. I was starting to feel defeated by this point. I was just frustrated and started to panic that I'd have to have a c-section. I kept gearing up for a couple more hours then it would come and go with not much progress and just more and more pain. I asked my nurse if it was weird that I wasn't progressing faster on this high of a dose and her reply was "yeah, it kind of is". Not the most comforting answer. So we just kept on keeping on, Carl was the biggest help and support because unfortunately our day nurse wasn't helpful at all. So another hour went by and she came in, I was still at a 7 mayyybe barely an 8. At this point the contractions were on top of each other, the intensity was unreal like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. We asked the nurse her guess of how much longer she thought it would be and she said probably 2 to 2.5 hours. That felt like a lifetime! Looking back, I was finally entering the transition phase. I turned to Carl and said, "I really don't think I can do this anymore." Now I had been telling Carl for weeks that if I said this to talk me out of one. He was worried the nurses would think he was mean not letting me have one!  So he kindly just said, "let's get through another few contractions and see where we're at". After a couple more of the worst contractions, I told Carl I needed to push, like right then. So Carl ran and grabbed the nurse, who went to call my doctor but she also grabbed another OB doctor that was in the hallway because he was needing to come out. We were waiting for my doctor and I remember asking "Why can't he deliver him?!" pointing to the other OB doctor and my nurse responded with, "Well, your doctor would be sad." to which I replied with, " I don't care if he's sad"! The pain of the Pitocin and the contractions while my body was physically pushing him out was crazy, Carl was holding me and just reminding me to take deep breaths. Then in walked my doctor, what a relief!! He was calm as can be like always, gowned up in record time and he said I could push whenever (and that I could stay on my side to deliver because the back pain was too much by now.) I felt a contraction, instantly I pushed and he was here! I could not believe it!! When I pushed my natural reaction to the pain and feeling was to reach down and grab the doctor's hands away, he calmly gave my hand to Carl to hold and pulled him right out. It was unreal, an experience I will never forget. After 17 hours he was here, perfect and I was SO proud of Carl and I. Such an incredible experience to share together. After we were done the nurse told him what I said about not caring if he was sad and I said, "I didn't mean it!" then he turned to me chuckling and said, "yes you did and I don't blame you one bit!" Man we love that man. 

"Would you do it again?" is the question I keep getting. Honestly, I think I would but I would be sure to have my doctor check when I get there and make the call on medications and what we should do. My doctor and my pediatrician both commented on how most people if you have to use Pitocin they get the epidural because of the intensity of the contractions, they aren't like normal labor contractions and how impressed they were. I felt like a champ, was so proud of myself and my body and so thankful for Carl. 

So so happy he is here safe and sound, that we got to bring him home with us and that we can just spend time with all of our sweet boys at home! Huds has been SO sweet, helpful and just loves Taylor. Riley was more interested in his new train than his brother at first but now loves to wave to him and lay his head on his back when I hold him. They are all going to be the best of friends and it just makes me so excited for whats to come for our little family!