Tried and True Baby Must Haves

Like I've mentioned before, with baby number one you're so excited, probably have a baby shower and everything is new so it's easy to feel like you need all the things! Spoiler alert... you don't! Also a relief if you're a minimalist! Baby's do require a lot of extra things around the house, that’s true, but the simple necessities you really use and NEED are pretty limited!

- Crib: We got our first one from Walmart online and it has been so great! We used it with Huds and Riley, it has held up so well and it’s simple and modern. We did get a second one for this babe from Ikea, just the $78 one and I love it! Riley still sleeps in his crib in their big boy room for now and after two boys using it for almost six years now they have nibbled the top pretty good! That's another tip... don't spend a lot on a crib! There are less expensive options that are sturdy, beautiful and fit any style. All babies chew, jump and ding them up so save a penny where you can!

- Crib Mattress: We caved and got this one for Riley and it was a game changer for his sleep! Why didn't we do it earlier is my only question! Love the two sided feature, infant side is more firm and the toddler side is more cozy! 

- Mattress Protector: Because babies pee out and spit up a lot, grab two!

- Baby towel and washcloths: Sounds silly but I ordered a million different brands finding the best quality of this and these two are such winners! Soft, absorbent, beautiful, simple, can hang in any space and look great! I've tried the "baby" ones that are cute at Target and places like that but they don't soak up water amazingly well and they get nubby after a few washes which drove me nuts!

- Binky: We have used these for over two years with Riley, he got his first one like this in the NICU and we fell in love! They're simple, way smaller in size than most which is great for my little babies and 100% silicone which means hello dishwasher safe! Major selling points for us, the colors are cute and no sayings or anything. I ordered these and these for Taylor because Riley still uses his at nights so we wanted them to look different enough that they didn’t get mixed up! They also needed to be silicone too! These are my favorite of the two because they’re so soft and bendable so they don’t get knocked out as easily. I love the simplicity of them as well, it seems you love them too from all the comments and questions I’ve gotten!

- Swaddles: I have always used and loved the muslin cotton swaddles! I'm not particular to any one brand, usually I just go off the print I love. My mom made me a few for this babe and I love those! They’re plain neutrals and she can make them a little bigger which is nice! I did get a couple jersey ones from Mebie Baby that are super soft and snuggly too!

- Burp cloths: We have had super spitty babies and I have the most talented mom so she makes the prettiest cloths. I'll post some photos of them and maybe a DIY from her so you can make them too! They're amazingly absorbent and like I said, stunning! Taylor is our first (knock on wood) that hasn’t been terrible that way and it has been so refreshing!

- Onesies: Basic white onesies for under everything! Riley still wears a onesie under all outfits unless it's a jumper because while they're in diapers I love everything tucked in and held together so their shirts and tummies aren't hanging out all the time. Carters and H&M ones are the thickest best ones I've found at great prices. Targets "Carter" ones are different so don't fall for those and Gerber baby ones are also thinner and the snaps rip through. These are my go to for Taylor when I want it as the shirt tucked into pants. I LOVE that they have the hand cuffs so he doesn’t scratch his face, thick and amazing quality!

- Footed Pjs: Our babies live in these, there are so many cute options out there but these beat them all! The necks are actually small and fit, the cuffs for hands go all the way to six months, thick amazing cotton fabric and simple colors!

- Bottles: We’ve tried a bunch of bottles and these win hands down! They are able to switch back and forth with nursing, great for reflux babies, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

- Wipes: Sounds silly to be so passionate about something like wipes but these are the best out there in my humble opinion! They don't tear while wiping, no rashes, no strong perfume to burn that sensitive skin and you only need 2-3 for even the worst diapers! 

- Carseat cover: I love the stretch cotton ones like Milk Snob, Covered Goods. I never use mine for the shopping cart, nursing or anything like that but some do and love it! I love that they're germ free, breathable, washable and super cute!

- Baby wash/shampoo: This has been our FAVORITE since Hudson was a baby! Never breaks my kids out in a rash even with the most sensitive skin they have. Also, clean ingredients so a major win win in my book!

- Baby tub: We had the ones with the cloth hammock attachment for Huds and Riley and I cannot tell you how much more I love this one! Easy to clean, if they poop in it… which happens unfortunately it is SO easy to wash out and he seems so comfy in it!

- Thermometer: We have this one and have loved it so much! You place it behind the ear and it seems to read quite accurate!

- Changing Pad: We use ours till they are out of diapers, I’m a big fan of changing diapers on here and not all over the house. More sanitary and more comfortable for them too! I love my Land of Nod covers but they don’t make them anymore so if you have any favorites let me know!

- Diaper bag: I’ve tried quite a few diaper bags over the last six years and hands down my favorites are this one from Petunia Picklebottom and this one and this one from Freshly Picked! They are all three more of a splurge price but in my opinion so so worth it!

- Slouch Headwear Beanie: Carl here! Emily always has me proofread her blog posts quickly and I noticed she didn’t give our Slouch beanies a shoutout. So because I care about her readers, I’m adding our Slouch beanies to the list so your babes can stay warm and stylish year round with one (or several) of our beanies! We’ll see if she notices this addition to the post :)

Hopefully this helps you, sometimes searching is fun and other times it’s nice to just know what works for others!