Finishing Touches

We're down to less than two weeks till baby time over here and while I've been preparing slowly to not have it all pile up there are a few last minute things OCD people like myself do at the end. Are you that way? Do you have to have everything perfectly put, cleaned, washed, organized and stocked up? I think I've learned to do things this way partially to distract myself, because I do love it and keep my anxiety at bay. Which has proven to be quite the task! My doctor has been out of town the past two weeks and my anxiety has creeped up to an all time high this past week, cannot wait to see him in a few days! Anyways back to getting everything prepped and ready! With Hudson starting school and the baby coming the same week, I've tried to tackle things like his backpack, school shoes, baby accessories and things like that mostly online and think ahead... like a month or so ahead! haha Thank heavens for online shopping, right? It has saved me the past little bit. 

Back to the point of this post, can you tell my mind is everywhere these days? Have you seen that quote that goes something like, "My brain has too many tabs open" that is me. I wanted to share my must do cleaning tips before baby and things I do to prepare the house for my parents to stay here with the boys and help things to run as smoothly as possible!


I LOVE a clean house, like really love it. Fresh sheets, clean counters, fresh smells it's my happy place for sure. Carl jokes that its my love language and I'd probably have to agree with that! So here are the things we've recently tackled that would drive me nuts with a newborn but I wouldn't have the energy to do them once he's here!

- Deep clean all blinds. Not just dust but soak with a cleaner and wipe each blind individually so no dust or grime is left. 

- Really scrub indoor and outdoor windows. I love a crystal clear window free of dirt and water spots.

- Pull out and clean behind fridge. I know you can't see whats behind there but I just know there's for sure dust bunnies so those are now gone too!

- Dust baseboards, wash high traffic area walls and scrub floors. I try to do this once a week or so but with busy boys outside a lot walls get fingerprints quickly so some weeks its a nightly thing!

- Deep clean and stock fridge/pantry with snacks you know your kids love and are healthy. That way when you're not around you know they're taken care of without so much pressure on whoever is taking care of them!

- Go through drawers/closets. Donate, sell whatever you'd like to do but get rid of everything that doesn't fit you, your husband or kids so that laundry is simple, everything works and theres no guessing. 

- Stock bathrooms with toilet paper/extra soap/razors things that are necessity but you won't want to give two seconds of thought to when you're home with a baby.

- Paint your toenails, because theres nothing more annoying than staring at chipped polish while you're in the hospital! 

- Stock of necessities for the baby and stop there. I had so many extra things with Hudson because with your first its easy to get caught up in all the fun baby stuff but just stick with the basics and add as you need over the new few months. This keeps things simple, less to worry about and honestly you don't need a lot! 

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to get your house in tip top shape for baby time and makes it extra cozy to come home to as well! I'll share my must have baby basics this week as well!