Why I Stopped Exfoliating

I recently posted on Instagram that the best thing I've done for my skin in the past year is stop exfoliating and got rid of my Clarisonic. You'd think I told people to cut off a limb with the amount of questions and messages I received about it! 

I grew up using Dove soap on a wash cloth to scrub my face clean morning and night, I loved that tight, squeaky clean feel! It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I started cleansing with oils, switching to natural lines and completely rethinking my whole life in terms of skincare. I had no idea I had been completely stripping my skin of all the good oils, ruining my acid mantle and then trying to make up for it with heavy face creams. Yikes! Our skin is our largest organ so just like our internal organs they are made to work perfectly, basically unassisted if fed and treated correctly. Shocking, right?! We don't need to scrub and strip it to give it a glow... in fact we need to do the opposite and leave it alone more! Best news ever, right? For some reason even after I learned this I was still skeptical and had a hard time making the switch for a bit, it was like learning that carbs can actually be beneficial and good for you! It takes time to rethink the things we've been told for forever so I'm not completely surprised by the response I received on this topic. I reached out to one of the most brilliant girls I know on the subject, Laura with Salis Skincare to explain it all so I didn't mess it up! She is the one who first told me this and I was just as shocked as everyone else because the beauty industry touts the amazing results and the need for tools like a Clarisonic so frequently that it had to be truth. Wrong. Laura is an expert on whole living, eating foods within season because that is what our bodies are truly craving and all things skincare. She formulates her whole line and is seriously a wealth of information and I love everything she has taught me! Her schooling and experience make her my #1 go-to for basically anything health and whole living. She does all natural facials and things here in Utah so if you live here I would totally suggest meeting with her!!

Here's a little video explaining the "why" behind exfoliating, hopefully it's helpful to those of you that messaged and were interested in more info!