Meditation, Mindfulness Or Whatever You Want To Call It

I wanted to chat today about these two things or whatever name you want it to fall under. I have always been a big prayer and faith person. I love this quote "Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when God talks to you." I can think back to a really young age and the many times when I have felt stressed, scared or overwhelmed and prayer was always my go to. I feel like it is a special gift I have been given, to be able to get out of my mind when things feel like too much. Soon after I delivered our stillborn Crew I experienced a whole new level of anxiety that I had never dealt with before. This was different and frustrating and I realized those things how I've always used them weren't cutting it for awhile. Long story short, my hormones after delivering him early, having my milk come in and the whole set of hormones that come along with that as well as the shock of the whole situation was a lot for my body to try to understand and in turn my thyroid issues got really off balance. Once we found a great doctor who knew exactly what was going on with my thyroid, things have been much better and I have been able to dive into meditation to keep myself more balanced.

I think a lot of times we over complicate meditation, it can be as simple as a few deep clearing breaths, a prayer or sitting still for hours on the ground. There is no right or wrong way. I've tried a lot of guided meditation apps, YouTube videos and just focusing on deep breathing which has become my go-to. Deep clearing breaths are my all-time favorite and I love working on it with Hudson when he gets frustrated or overwhelmed too, it is SO powerful! Over the past 6 1/2 years of dealing with my thyroid going up and down a lot due to pregnancies and losses I have become really comfortable with meditation and the HUGE blessing it can be. There is something so powerful about knowing you can get yourself out of panic mode with your mind if you can train it to go there, how cool right?! This is the exact reason of why I want to have this baby boy epidural free, because part of me wants to challenge my mind, part of me hates meds and the other part is scared of another epidural after Riley's being so rough. With that being said, if at any point I feel like I need the epidural I would do that as well. Our minds are capable of so much and I think for a lot of years I robbed myself of the huge power of that. Meditation and mindfullness coupled with essential oils has kept me off anxiety meds and for that I am so grateful in the power of it. 

What is your favorite way to meditate? Does it feel awkward or silly to you? Have you really, really tried it and given it a chance? If not, I challenge you to! What's the worst that can happen, you end up super relaxed and happy? That doesn't sound too bad to me!