Q&A Part III

Hi friends, how's your week? This past week kind of got away from me so let's jump right back into the Q&A's shall we? Hopefully these are fun for you to read, it's been fun going through them all!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Honestly I don't shop much anymore, that is one thing I've loved about more of a minimalist approach. I used to wander stores aimlessly just to see what they had and if they had things I liked I'd buy them not really loving them. They'd sit in my closet and be worn only once or twice because they weren't really my style or the fit wasn't quite right. Now when I do shop I have to really LOVE the piece. I'd much rather have 10 pieces I feel amazing in when I wear them than a closet full of just okay pieces. So, with that all being said these are my go-to stores:

ASOS for dresses and skirts. Darling styles, trendy and timeless at all price points. 

Old Navy for jeans. At my stage in life while I'm getting pregnant, losing baby weight and up and down so much I think the quality and low price can't be beat AND they come in tall!

Nordstrom or Nemien Marcus for shoes. I'm really really picky on shoes, I will shop around online for hours before buying because I prefer more timeless ones that I know will be a staple for years to come. Shoes are one of the items I will pay more for too because quality and comfort go a long way!

H&M mens section, I love their tops so much.

Tips on living a minimalist lifestyle?

What originally drew me into the minimalist lifestyle was the bright, fresh spaces, they made me happy and felt clean. I got sick of constantly doing chores, picking up toys, doing laundry, putting things away and turning around to have it all still look like a mess... I knew something had to change. I was getting stressed and anxiety over the constant mess and felt like I was missing out on time with my boys to actually read and play and be present. That is when we decided to make changes towards a more minimalist lifestyle. I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and loved it; I jumped right in. Going through every drawer, cupboard, closet and getting rid of the excess stuff. It was SO freeing and addicting, Carl and I loved how we felt when we got rid of stuff and shelves and spaces were left empty and organized. I feel like we are constantly trying to get rid of more, live with less and more simply because it really has made us happier and less overwhelmed. I love the saying "If it's not bringing you joy or if it's not useful it's time to go." This also applies when shopping for things for the house, the boys or Carl and I. I can not tell you how many times I go to a store to get out of the house, wander around seeing all these cute things and putting them in my cart then wandering around a little longer just to make my way back around putting them all back because I just don't need them. They aren't going to make me any happier and I really don't love them, ya know? 

- Downsize. One of the best things we've done is get rid of our dresser. We keep all of our clothes, shoes, underwear everything in our closet. Our closet isn't big, calling it a "walk-in" may be a stretch but we have loved it! Our room is more relaxing and clean, things stay organized and there is simply less places to put worthless "stuff". So downsize wherever you can, get rid of excess.

- Really fall in love with pieces before buying. If you can't picture exactly where it is going to go or what it will be used for don't buy it.

- Less really is more. Our home is very simple when it comes to decor and I love it. So fresh and so clean, plus lots more time to spend making memories!

- Even keep the holidays simple. I used to spend so much time and energy on planning out so many gifts and decorations that really were just a waste. Both of our boys are so happy to have a couple things they love to play with. Hudson is old enough now to enjoy a simple clean space and comments when a room is organized and clean how good it feels, I love that!

How do you maintain a minimalist approach as a social media influencer when so much of it is pushing products?

This is a great question! One thing I have learned the past couple years as we have really tried to limit what we bring in our home is that it is a constant work in progress. You're never done. We are always sorting and rethinking and what we thought we'd use six months ago turned out to not be useful so now it is gone. With collaborations I only take on things I know I will actually use and truly LOVE. I can only speak for myself but I feel like it can be confusing when someone is constantly sharing the new thing they're using because if I'm going to spend my money I want to know it is tried and true, that what is being shared about something really is the real deal. I hope I come across that way, most of the things I share are not collaborations but instead things I use everyday myself. If something is sent that I know I just won't use I have a few people I gift things to, that way it is still making someones day and being useful for them!

If you made it this far, thanks for being here and reading! Tomorrow is the last of the Q&A's and it's all about my skincare and makeup favs so be sure to check back for that!