Q&A Part I

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Happy Sunday friends, hope you're having a great holiday-ish weekend! We went to church this morning and the boys are now napping so I have a few minutes to get started on this little series! I asked on Instagram for any questions you have for me and I'm loving all the fun responses! I'm super excited to share the answers over the next few days!!

How tall are you?

I'm 6 feet tall exactly, besides towering over every boy in Jr. High I've always loved it!

How old are you and your husband?

I am 27 years old, my birthday is February 14th. Carl is 29, his birthday is April 5th.

Do you have Veneers?

Nope I don't, I have my moms bigger teeth and it's one feature I've always been grateful for!

Do you use a tanning product?

I don't. I've tried a few in the past but I have my dads naturally olive skin so I don't worry about it much.

Could you tell us your first encounter and hang out with your husband?

Whenever this question gets asked Carl and I laugh then try to get the other one to tell the story, because it's pretty funny! He was going to church with some girls from high school, I knew the girls from my apartment complex so I came as well. We saw each other but didn't say a whole lot. He asked the girls to set something up so he could hang out with me. So one night my two girl friends and I went to his apartment and hung out with him and his roommates. Carl and I kissed for awhile that night then as I was leaving he says "Oh, can I get your number?" Haha he says I played hard to get, I think I was honestly scared because I just knew he was a really great guy and that it could go somewhere! After about a month of off and on we decided to date and it all moved pretty fast from there on out. Another funny story from our dating days... we lived at the same complex, this knowledge will come in handy in a minute. So he asked me on our first date, I said yes of course then he said "Can I borrow your keys and I'll pick you up?!" (as in drive from the parking garage up to ground level by my door.) Haha Little did I know that he didn't have a car at the time, he had recently wrecked his truck. Carl likes to tell everyone he won me over with his money and cool job when we met! Fun fact, he had no car or job at the moment! So funny to look back on now, we will be married 7 years in just a few weeks!

Do you plan to have more babies? 

Pregnancy is really hard on me and my body. The anxiety I have from my multiple miscarriages and stillborn really cause me to worry and panic basically the whole time. My blood clots when I get pregnant, I go into preterm labor, I have weekly and bi-weekly doctor appointments the whole time, weekly shots and I will probably need to do fertility again. So there is a lot of planning out when I'm mentally ready to jump into it all again, when my body is ready and when the boys are old enough to understand what's going on a little. I love the gap between Hudson and Riley, they are 3 1/2 years apart and I feel like for our situation that has been really great! So to answer the question, we don't feel done... I think we will have one more in the future!

Do you really shave your face?

First of all, I want you guys to know if I post something on my blog or Instagram I really do use and love it. I won't just post for the sake of posting, I want to genuinely share what I love and snippets of my life. I do shave my face but only with these Tinkle razors. They are made for a woman's face, so don't shave with a normal razor, that is totally different! I love shaving, it makes the skin so smooth and helps exfoliate. No the hair will not grow back thicker. Just by shaving the surface of your skin it does not change the hair follicle make up. I have gone a couple months between shaving over the past few years and it grows back just how it was before! Also for me personally, I know how to wax from cosmetology school and have done my brows and upper lip for so long but I prefer this for the upper lip because it takes 2 seconds and doesn't irritate the skin at all! For the brows I love just plucking.

Hope this answers a few questions, I'll be back tomorrow with Part II!