Tibble Fork Reservoir: A Weekend Adventure

Saturday morning we headed up the canyon with some friends to see the new "beach" they made at Tibble Fork Reservoir! I think we may have had our hopes set a little high... it was a little bit wimpy. One thing I love about kids, they had no clue, Huds found some gorgeous drift wood pieces and him and Riley were totally happy to just sit and dig in the 2 inches of sand. They just see the world with big open eyes and I love it so much! They think every little thing is amazing if you let them! Sam and Brit, some of our very best friends met us there and it's always a fun time with them! It's so great having friends that truly feel like family and they are totally that way for us. 

We swam at Sam's parents beautiful pool and ended the day with yummy Pizza at Summit Inn in Alpine! Why do the weekends have to go so fast? I really think we should start petitioning for 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks! A girl can dream right??

How fun are these new sunglasses?! I found them for under $12 which is THE perfect price for a trendy piece in my opinion! Snag some for yourself here!