My Skincare Adventure

I have always been a skincare and makeup junkie. I have tried SO many brands, price ranges, all natural/organic, no name brands to the biggest name brands and I feel like I have finally found a great balance in what I'm using now. Knowing what is in my skincare and makeup and also what I personally feel comfortable with. 

As most of you know, I have had a lot of miscarriages. We had Crew our first son as a stillborn, then a miscarriage before we had Hudson. Then after Hudson I had two more miscarriages so we decided to do fertility. At that time I decided that if we were going to go that route I was going to be super careful with what I was putting in AND on my body. So I went through my skincare, makeup, lotions and hair care and switched to all natural everything. I washed my face with organic avocado oil, drank lemon water with chia seeds every day instead of soda, gave up perfume and became very aware of what was influencing my hormones. If you know me you know I am an all or nothing kind of person. I get obsessed with things and go 100%, Carl sometimes calls them my "wild hairs" because they can come out of nowhere. Well we were blessed with sweet Riley and I truly think making all those changes at that time was exactly what my body needed along with help from modern medicine too.

Fast forward to a year later, my skin has had a lot of flare ups the last year. There is also a difference in your early 20's and your late 20's in terms of skin condition. For me personally I had lost that "glow" we all want, the fine lines and wrinkles started to show up so I started looking around at different options. I don't feel comfortable with botox and I didn't want to use prescription retinol creams that are "unsafe" if pregnant while I'm still in child bearing years. A friend reached out to me over a year ago about Rodan and Fields products but I was against it because I was doing the all natural approach. She was the sweetest and I decided to try their Micro Needle Roller. I used that with my natural products for a year and loved it! The quality was amazing and I could tell it was helping to some extent but the glow wasn't coming back like I wanted and those wrinkles wouldn't budge.

So I did it, I took the risk and reached out to her again. I let her know what I was looking for, what I felt comfortable with and a million other questions. I read up a lot on the company, the products, watched my close friends skin change and decided to give Rodan and Fields a try. Well needless to say, I am hooked! Their products actually work, they do what they say they'll do! The quality is better than mega high end brands, they are simple to use and the company is amazing! I became a consultant with them because I was so excited about what it did for me that I genuinely want everyone to try it! Is it expensive? Yes, it is not drugstore prices but you're not getting drugstore results. You are getting high end spa results in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of what spa trips would cost. To me, skincare is an investment that I am more than willing to invest in. Your confidence level is so much higher with great skin, you save money on makeup because you don't wear nearly as much because why cover up amazing skin? 

Rodan and Fields is the real deal. There is a reason this company is growing like crazy right now! Message or email me, I would love to help you find the best fit for you and your skins needs. I am just so so excited to be a part of such an incredible company and to share a passion of mine with all of you! Here's to chasing dreams, breaking out of our comfort zones while looking and feeling amazing!! 

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