Disneyland + The Beach

I know I'm behind, life happened and went about nine-hundred miles per hour the past month so here we are playing catch up!

In April we went with some of our very best friends to California and it was SUCH a blast! First off, I was a little nervous to stay together in an Airbnb (which we had never seen in person) with friends because what if they think we're weird... because we are! For reals, we are OCD and I travel with a whole gamut of Doterra oils and diffusers and ya know what if you get sick of each other or something awkward happens?? Well good news, it was just the opposite! They loved the oils streaming through the house, nothing is awkward with them, the house was perfect and we are already planning a trip next year!

So first of all, we were planning on one day at Disneyland then a few beach days, but we went to dinner at Downtown Disney our first night there and got sucked in the magic and all walked away with two day park hoppers. A decision we 100% do not regret; it was perfect and one day at Disney wouldn't have been enough! We both have 4 year old boys and babies under 1 so it was nice that we were both doing naps and potty breaks and things at the same times. The boys pester each other like brothers and it's hilarious and the babies did so so well! I really think Disney is one of THE happiest places on earth so it's hard to not have an amazing time there! We loved staying at an Airbnb because when the kids were all in bed we just went out back and swam and sat in the hot tub right there at the house, ate Taco Bell literally every night, bags of candy and stayed up way too late, all the makings for a great trip!

Beach days are wonderful with kids because they can just adventure, crawl/run around, free entertainment and so simple. We just really love the beach, Carl and I would LOVE to have a beach house someday... we can dream right??

Here is a little list of our favorite things we took that made life easier, so if you have a trip coming up check these out for sure! Just click that nice bold text and it takes you right there!

Super lightweight backpack, perfect for hikes, amusement parks and travel we love this thing!

Sunglasses, literally SUCH good ones for cheap and free shipping, bonus we both share them and love the fit!

Pool floatie that we've had since Hudson was a baby, it has been on so many trips and tons of swim days and we just cannot rave about this thing enough! It has shade and they stay so propped in it it's perfect!

Binky clip that I'm not embarrassed to use, its actually cute and cleanable leather!

Carseat for travel, Riley uses a Britax carseat here at home but it is SO heavy and too hard to travel with so we snagged this one and it has been amazing!