My Boys & Beanies

Growing up I always thought I'd have a few girls to do their hair, nails and shop with and here I am with a house full of boys and loving every dang second! Whoever said shopping for boys wasn't fun was also horribly mistaken because I LOVE it! It's funny how we "picture" our lives to be and how they actually turn out; I wouldn't change a thing! These boys (and their dad) are my world and I have to admit they spoil me pretty well being the only girl! 

We launched a bunch of new knit beanies (made right here in the U.S.) this week on our website and we are SO excited and proud of them! The fit and quality is amazing plus we are so excited to finally have found a great manufacturer to work with on them! We still sew all of our "Signature Handmade Collection" right here locally by stay at home moms but this style of knit beanie requires totally different machinery and we have been on the hunt for the perfect place to help us out for what feels like forever. So be sure to check them out and snag them for yourself, your kids or hello the perfect baby shower and birthday presents! We are selling our infant knits on Amazon as well because we want those easily available + quick shipping (hello prime!) because honestly every babe needs them, they're that good! 

Hope you all have such a great weekend, we don't have any big plans and we are so happy about it! Planting a few more flowers around the yard and getting things ready for Spring because the the weather forecast the next 10 days is basically what dreams are made of!