PlanetBox Lunchbox

I'm sure you've seen the PlanetBox lunch boxes or at least heard of them, they're all the rage right now and we totally see why! I love the bento style box and how easy it is to pack a balanced lunch when you can see it all perfectly laid out in the proper section. Carl loves packing lunches and I'm all about making healthier choices for ourselves and the planet, like not storing all our food in plastic baggies and throwing them away day after day. Packing a salad has never been easier and it even comes with a little container that works perfectly for dressing! I love the simple clean look of these boxes and really love all the different configurations they offer. You can get smaller ones with different compartments for kids vs Carl who wants bigger portions. I love how easy it is to clean and the travel case is super slim to carry it back and forth in! Also a plus, Carl isn't embarrassed packing this lunchbox around, he loves it! Packing fun lunches lately has me all excited to do this for Hudson in a couple years when he starts school! Thanks PlanetBox, you have us hooked!