My Laundry Routine

It's funny, the last month I've had quite a few friends ask me how I do my laundry. I'm no expert but I would go as far to say that my parents are! I have always admired the way my mom and dad kept our house so clean and organized, our clothes always spot free and ironed. Literally I still to this day take things over to my mom when I just can't get a darn stain out she magically brings it back spot free! How she does it I'll never know, it is incredible so I've just tried to soak up the things they do and have taught us kids.

We made our beds everyday growing up, no discussion it's just what we did. My mom told us if we left the house for school with them unmade she'd come to school and have them announce over the intercom to our class, "Can you send Emily (or Natalie or Tyler - my siblings) down to the office, they need to check out. They forgot to make their beds." So funny looking back at it because in elementary school we literally could not think of anything more embarrassing than that! Later in life I was so grateful for these little habits that they helped us form. My first college roommate still tells me whenever I see her, "You'd be proud, I'm still making my bed everyday thanks to you!" haha

So back to laundry specifically, here's the basics of my laundry schedule for the week:

Monday: All sheets, towels and dirty clothes washed/hung/dried.

Tuesday: Clothes ironed and put away.

Wednesday/Thursday: Everyone's dirty clothes washed again.

Saturday: Dirty clothes and sometimes towels again.

We hang all our clothes except: socks, underwear, some pajamas, sheets, basketball shorts, towels and onesies. This may seem silly to some of you but Carl is 6'6" and I am 6' with some pretty tall boys so we need every inch of our clothing and can't afford the shrinkage. Also the dryer is so hard on most clothes so they hold up way better!

The secret that I've found that works for me is staying on top of the laundry and not letting it pile up. For example, Monday mornings I wake up and take our sheets off the beds right then. Get them washed, dried and put back on the beds by lunchtime. Then take the boys dirty clothes to the laundry room, sort them in a darks pile and lights pile. Wash one, sort that into the drier and hang the rest. (I like to do the boys first because their clothes are so little they dry faster on the hanging rack so they'll be dry by the end of the day and I can put ours on to dry.) Start the next batch, take the clothes out of the dryer and go put them away right then, this is key! I have one laundry basket I use for clean clothes and it only holds about one load of clothes so I just make myself put them away before I unload the next. This keeps the clean laundry from piling up and the putting away part less daunting.

Next step, I iron all of our clothes including the boys. This isn't necessary but ironing is therapeutic for me, it's my time to just think and relax while being productive! Try it, you may love it too! Also there is something about the smell of fresh starch and perfectly pressed clothes hanging in the closets ready to grab and go at any time that I just love. I love ironing Riley's burp cloths because yes they look better but after you steam those babies they will have another sanitizing step, win-win!

So thats the basics of how we do laundry around here! Two things I've found that help me as well is first, invest in a good heavy iron with a strong steam option. Second, having a place to leave our ironing board out at all times is key! If I have to unfold and put it away when done it becomes a chore. Keep your laundry room decor simple and let the ironing board be a focal point of the room with a cute cover on there! Here is our favorite iron, we LOVE it!! Also Target had super cute ironing board covers I saw last week if you're in the market for one, I've got your back!