Minted Valentine Roundup

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I can't wait! I love this holiday, it also happens to be my birthday too and I wouldn't pick any other holiday to share it with! I love that it is all about love, the decorations are so cute and we always had a party on my birthday at school, what's better than that?!

I'm excited to partner with Minted this year for some darling valentines and personalized gifts for the loved ones in your life! Sometimes it's hard to find that "perfect" gift for the special someone in your life, whoever that may be, but Minted has you covered! You can do amazing prints of your wedding vows, coordinate map of where you met or your special place. I love this option because I love things that mean something to Carl and I but aren't so in your face obvious, it makes it a little sweeter to share with just the two of you! The custom silhouette pieces are also so darling, whether it's your animal or your children they are so cute too. You have to check these out as well as all the great frame options here!

Something else that would be fun is a favorite picture of the two of you the past year with a favorite quote or that years motto on it! I love the simple minimalist look this can have yet still so much meaning. So if this is your thing, go here to check it out!

If you're looking for something more Valentines-ish then this iconic heart photo collage is a fun gift as well! I think this would be a fun one to gift your parents with all the cute pictures of your kids, a special something they can put up year after year! Timeless yet still thoughtful and personalized! Plug in your photos and see just how cute this one turns out here!

I personally LOVE their classroom valentines; they aren't covered in superheroes and cartoon show characters which is a breath of fresh air! I love the clever sayings and clean fun designs! Also a plus that you can print the child's name right on the Valentine as well, especially helpful for little kids like mine! Hudson had such a fun time picking his out, I can't wait to show you what he came up with! Here are some of my other favorites, you have to check them out here!

So be sure to check out Minted for all your holiday needs, if they don't have it you don't need it the selection is that good!