Minimalist Stocking Stuffer Guide

Growing up Christmas was HUGE at our house, every year felt like magic! My parents would find the perfect gifts, my mom would hand make and embroider doll dresses and dress-ups, find the perfect jewelry item or surprise us with the treat we always asked for! It was the highlight of every year, Christmas Eve pj's and Christmas Day are some of my very favorite memories. While I want that same magic feeling, the excitement of waking up to see what Santa brought and finding those perfect gifts I feel so torn on the actual amount of what to gift. I want it to be a super special and exciting day filled with fun toys and treats but also lots of memories laughing with family and just hanging out. I get so overwhelmed with too much stuff around the house and the toy clutter is a major contributor. The rest of the year I spend getting rid of excess and only buying things we actually need so I don't want to undo all of that on Christmas. I love finding those perfect gifts and the way some friends have suggested to gift is something to read, wear, want and need makes me feel a little too trapped. So send any ideas you have my way, this year we have kept it pretty small with a few toys they have fallen in love with. Books in my opinion are one thing kids can never have too many of so we always do books as well as family games like Sorry and Candy Land things that we can all play and do together. Here are a few of my minimalist stocking stuffer ideas, these are things you'll find in our stockings pretty much every year and things we use every day!

Organic Hard Candies - I like to find fun little treats that we don't buy normally just to have something different and makes it special!

Chocolate - I prefer super dark chocolate, Carl loves milk chocolate or any gummy treats!

Gum - hands down the best gum out there, keeps its flavor forever!

40oz Hydro Flask - by far the best water bottle I've found, The straw lid is a MUST and such a game changer from the twist top!

Doterra's OnGuard beadlets and tablets - We love these little things for ourselves and the boys on days when we're going to be out around a lot of people or when we feel a little something coming on. They are filled with oils to boost immunity naturally from the inside out!

Tweezerman tweezers - THE best tweezers out there, I've tried so many brands and every year on Christmas I love getting a new pair!

Tongue Scraper - Have you heard of tongue scraping and all the benefits?! I started doing this awhile ago and LOVE it! Your body naturally detoxes over night and a lot of that crap sits on your tongue so waking up and drinking or eating something just puts all of that detoxing back into your system. Brushing just moves it around and then it sits in your toothbrush. You simple scrape your tongue a few times morning and night and just rinse with hot water, you'll never go back it makes your mouth feel SO clean! I love this brand and although I've ordered for Carl too they always send pink haha the only downside!

Hand Sanitizer - This one is natural and a spray which is so convenient for kids when out and about!

Chapstick - Carl is a chapstick hoarder... he can't go anywhere without it! When he played football he would even keep one in his sock just incase he needed it while on the field haha, I love it about him! His all time favorite is Blistex!

Stance socks - If you or the man or kids in your life haven't tried Stance socks this is THE perfect time and gift for them! The quality can't be beat, they last forever and the designs are amazing!!

I hope that helps, it's nothing crazy but some fun useful gifts that anyone would love! Hope you all have the Merriest Christmas with the ones you love!