Hawaiian Heaven

We've officially been home from Hawaii for three weeks now and we'd be lying if we said we haven't missed it every day since! It truly was heaven and if we were in a different stage of life we may just pack up and move there!

I was SO stressed about the flight beforehand because of all the sicknesses going around and having such a young baby I was SURE one of us would catch something. I was armed with my Doterra oils before we left and all throughout the flight and guess what?? WE MADE IT! A seven hour flight with a toddler and a baby that touches everything and we stayed healthy, such a win! It was my first time traveling with my roller bottles of oils and they were a game changer, but more on those in another post. I wanted to share with you some of our favorite photos from the trip!

We went to Oahu when Hudson was six months old, exactly the same age Riley was and it really is such a good age to travel with! We have really fallen in love with the North Shore area, so if you're trying to pick an Island to visit we highly recommend it! We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort both times we've been to Oahu and it is dreamy, thanks to my in-laws for planning it all out!

Things that made the trip even better this time was getting our own car, a Jeep which was such a blast to drive around! Hudson had his own room and Riley had a legit crib that nestled perfectly in the closet in our room so it was like we all had our own rooms and made a world of a difference! Everyone is SO much happier when we're well rested! We spent less time worrying about specific times for naps and rolled with the flow more, morning nap was taken on the go usually in my arms at the beach which was so sweet and memories I'll cherish forever and then every afternoon we'd relax and let him take a good nap in bed. So for all you mamas out there that are like me and very structured with naps and traveling... learn to let it go just a little on vacations because we really feel that helped so much and gave us a lot more time to enjoy the trip outside the hotel room!

Hudson played in the sand and built sandcastles all day, swam in the pool and loved the "hot pool" (hot tub)! Riley was happy as can be being held all day and taking everything in. Carl and I are such suckers for beach vacations, there is no better place to relax and the views are breathtaking!


We got a lot of questions asking about the camera, lenses and equipment we use so here are all the details!

CameraLens and Go Pro

Outfit 1:

Hudson: Swimsuit, Swimshirt and Hat SwimZip

Riley: Moccs Freshly Picked, Hat SwimZip

Me: Dress Roxy, Hat Forever21, Wrap Solly Baby

Outfit 2:

Hudson: Hat SwimZip, Swimsuit Boden

Riley: Full Zip Swimsuit SwimZip (AMAZING)

Me: Swimsuit Nordstrom, Shoes Tevas

Carl: Swimsuit Billabong

Outfit 3:

Hudson: Hat Vans, Swimsuit SwimZip, Shoes Natives

Riley: Zip Swimsuit SwimZip

Me: Black Dress Roxy, Shoes Teva