Current Reads

I was the queen of Sparknotes all through school, even became real good at skimming the back cover and a few pages to get enough info for book reports. So trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are that I'm giving book recommendations, but I can't get enough of reading lately and these two are my top picks currently! I hope you know by now I only share my favorite favorite things and these books make the cut! 

#GIRLBOSS is the story of the owner and creator of Nasty Gal, a website and million dollar company she started all on her own with no money. She shares her story in a way that you feel like you're talking to your best friend, which I love! It is the perfect book to make you pumped up on life, whether it's business related or not it just makes you want to get going and super motivated!

Hands Free Mama is eye opening and a must read for all of us, mama or not. We are an extremely connected, social media, electronic dependent generation which at times is a huge blessing and others a curse. We miss out on LIFE happening right in front of us because of it. It goes through her journey to living hands free, the impact it made on her life and the steps to take. LOVING it and can't wait to work on it more and more!