Play-Doh Play

I'm the first to admit, Play-Doh is not my thing. The smell, the mess... for some reason it is way worse than painting and things to me. But, Hudson LOVES it and I really love the creative play with it so I've been trying to get it out more often! In fact, I even find myself offering it as an activity instead of trying to get him to do something else lately! We didn't put Huds in preschool this year, maybe we will next year and maybe we won't but for now this felt right and we are all loving it! He is a very self-motivated and self-disciplined 3 year old. I feel like he is much older because of these character traits. He wants to learn and succeed at things and will work and work at it until he gets it which is why I think he loves the layout of ABC Mouse and the workbooks we have. 

I love watching him learn new things and become more self-reliant! I've started having him help with little chores like making his bed, turning off his sound machine, turning off the TV and putting his clothes away. After doing this for just a couple weeks and trying to make an effort to include him in things throughout the day he is asking to help more and the excitement when he makes his own sandwich and things is SO dang cute and rewarding! I love this age, they soak everything up at an amazing rate and I feel so lucky I get to be home helping and watching him everyday!