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Hudson's Pjs

You know when you find something so great you want to shout it from the rooftops but at the same time not tell a soul because then the ones you want may be gone?? Well that is how we feel about at our house. The pima cotton they use is so dang soft, the colors are perfect, I LOVE the simple plain colors and the quality is amazing! We have tried just about every brand of footed pjs and we were making our rounds in search of the perfect undies for Hudson. Can't have tags, can't be too tight, not too thick, not too long, but not baggy either and we found that boxer briefs seem to cause less tugging throughout the day than briefs. We had been using Gap's, which are cute and honestly we thought they were great till Primary's came in the mail. They are a dream! He always picks them out of the stack in his drawer, they are plain colors so they don't show through leggings and they are so affordable! I just placed an order for some more for Christmas, they are just that good. Also let's talk footie pjs... we have big boys at our house (that's no surprise) and we've had this same issue with both of them so I'm assuming we're not alone. The cotton pjs you find in the stores are way too tight in the arms and legs for chubby babes, but not these! The cotton they use is so soft and so stretchy and the cut is just right so they are so comfy! So if you're looking for the best basic clothing for your littles look no further! They would also make the perfect baby shower gifts too! Also, no this is not sponsored, no I'm not getting paid, I truly just love them this much!