The Perfect Lipstick Application

For as long as I can remember I've been a HUGE lipstick fan, just ask my mom about the time she found me like this...

Thank heavens since that day I've learned a few tips and tricks on how to apply it! I mentioned on my Instagram (@EmFillerup) that there is one thing you should be doing to your lips everyday whether you're wearing lipstick or not, that is... emphasize the natural lip line! I do this by applying my all natural RMS Beauty Master Mixer to my lip bow (I also use this to highlight my inner eye and brow bone).

Then outline them with a nude pencil! I also think you should exfoliate everyday but I am not the best to do that daily although it does help the lipstick to look its best as well! There's no need to spend a fortune on a special nude lip liner, just run to your closest Target, Ulta or order on Amazon without even leaving the house. I've had this NYX one for over a year, I use it all the time and love it. 

Apply a nice thick coat all around the outer edge of your natural lip line, smudge with your ring finger to soften.

Then pick a lipliner. I bought a few MAC ones years ago because I thought it was the best out there, I'm going to tell you a secret... it's not. Save yourself the twenty dollars and but the NYX 5 dollar ones instead. They work much better and just think, you can get 4 for the price of one! The color payoff is great and they hold and blend very well. I like to have fun with my lipstick by choosing bright, bold colors then mixing a pink liner with a red lipstick or a red liner with a purple lipstick and so on. That way you don't have to buy a million different colors, just mix and match and make your own! So go ahead and apply the lip liner and stay on the inside line of your natural lip.

Then pick whatever color you'd like for lipstick. Because the Ombre look is still in I'm going to show you how I create that look with the lipsticks I have. Don't worry about buying the actual "ombre kits" just use your favorites in your drawer. Apply that color to the outer lips leaving the center naked for now.

And you're ready to go! 

Doesn't it look great?!

I'm teasing, one more step and you will be set! Now pick your last color, this is usually the color you want to stand out the most and apply to the center and blot together.

And wha-la, you are ready to go all day!

Truly all of these lipsticks I'm sharing stay on all day. If you're a messy eater you may have to touch-up after meals but I'm usually wiping it off at night! Now here's the breakdown on these lipsticks. If your lipsticks tend to bleed outside your lips, there may be too much wax in that particular one for you. Wet n' Wild is the one brand I have to be a little more careful with, easy solution is to just do a little bit of a thicker line with your liner and keep the lipstick when applying a little away from the edge. If you're wanting a great matte then the NYX Matte is one of my favorites. If you want a semi-matte finish that will last all day then the NYX Full Throttle is a great one to go with! The colors from left to right are:

Wet n' Wild: #970 Purty Persimmon and #965 Cherry Picking

NYX Matte: MLS02 Shocking Pink and MLS07 Alabama

NYX Full Throttle: FTLS04 Firestorm and FLTS02 Lethal Kiss and FLTS05 Trickster

My main go to liners from left to right:

MAC: Dynamo, Brick, Process Magenta

NYX: Bloom

NYX Wonder Pencil: Medium *MUST HAVE*

Hopefully that helps those of you who have been asking what my favorites are and what colors I wear. I'll do another post in the next couple months sharing my favorite fall colors, I'm so excited it's almost Fall! Also, no these are not natural lipsticks. I haven't found a great all day, super vibrant and affordable option but I am always on the hunt so if you know of any that fit that criteria please share!