Adventures with the Ergo


Carrier || Ergo 360

Added support for small babies || Infant Insert

I have been so excited ever since I found out I was pregnant with Riley to give baby wearing a try! I never wore Hudson because the first few months he always had wires and a monitor hooked to him and he was born in the winter so we didn't leave the house much. Also with your first you can just hold them all the time because there is only one of them! With Hudson being an active 3 year old I knew I wanted to be able to have my hands free to hold his and play with him while having Riley close. That is when I started really looking into baby wearing, and who knew there were SO many options and brands out there??

We decided to try the Ergo 360 for a strong carrier to take on adventures and we are loving it, truly! I want you to know, I only share things we really love and use on this blog. It is not sponsored, I just want to help you other mamas out who are in the same boat, overwhelmed with all the options and curious to learn more! There is a store here locally called The Baby Cubby that I just love. I went in, they helped me try on the different Ergos, told me the pros and cons, shared how to use them properly and all that good stuff. Luckily for you who are not here locally, they have made a "Baby Wearing" guide that is so informational. You can check it out HERE to help you make the best decision for your needs.

I love how much support I get with this carrier and I love how easily and quickly I can get it on. Riley also loves it which is so important, he is asleep within seconds every time we put him in! We bought the infant insert as well because we wanted to start using it while he was still tiny and we have also loved that for the extra support. We've taken it on a few hikes and nature walks and surprisingly he stays pretty cool in it. I was worried in the heat and all the padding and straps and support he would just bake but with it being cotton and breathable fabrics it works like a charm!

If you live here locally, we would love to know some great trails with pretty views or waterfalls or things like that we can go do with our boys! Looking for not too hard of a trail and not extremely long, remember those little 3 year old legs will be hiking it too!