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Like most girls, my "plan" when having both the boys was to breastfeed. I should know better than to plan out anything with babies by now! When Hudson was born at 35 weeks he went to NICU and needed a feeding tube for a few days then we worked with bottles and nursing. Because he was so tiny at 5 pounds his little body would work so hard to eat he would just fall asleep so bottles were better at the beginning until my milk came in. Once he was home we nursed exclusively with a few bottles of pumped milk here and there. He ate every 1.5 hours until four months. At that point I wasn't making enough milk anymore so we started supplementing with formula and he started sleeping 4 hour stretches... I was a new woman! He did great with formula but also had reflux quite bad. Once we got that under control, we were on the bottle hunt. We used some that were for "anti-colic" or "less gas" in other words but they weren't amazing and they had a million parts you had to put together every time. They were the best we could find a few years ago so we dealt with it and never thought too much about it. 

Then Riley was born, latched on great for nursing but was also on the small side. When they're small they get tired and their mouths are just tiny it makes it harder as well. He was a champ and really worked and tried hard. Well then he started having low oxygen spells. I noticed after we started nursing longer that his lips had a bluish tint after a feeding. After an overnight stay at the hospital to be monitored and a few trips to his Dr they decided nursing was probably wearing him out and then he wouldn't breathe as well. So their advice was to nurse 5 minutes each feeding, then feed him the pumped milk I had then supplement the rest. We did that for 4 weeks working up to 12 minutes nursing, then the pumped breast milk then the formula. Well if you know much about nursing, it is hard to keep your supply up when you're not using it a lot and mainly pumping. So naturally my already low milk supply was almost non-existent. I did learn one thing with Hudson... I'm 99% sure he was hungry all the time his first 4 months and I didn't want that for Riley. We slowly weened him from pumped milk to formula and he has done so great and I honestly think it has a HUGE thing to do with the bottles this time around.

These ComoTomo bottles are UNREAL. No this is not sponsored, no I'm not getting paid I just want to share with you because my heavens they are the best out there and trust me we have tried them all! They have dual vents which I think is one huge benefit for not sucking that air into their tummies, the nipple is so similar to the real deal that switching back and forth was not an issue at all! The wide mouths make them so easy to clean and fill, the soft silicone body is so comfortable to hold and Riley has already started trying to hold it himself because they are so pliable in tiny hands. My personal favorite part... there are no extra parts inside to clean!! You just pop the whole thing in the dishwasher and you're good to go! If you're looking for a great baby shower gift or wanting them for yourself they're perfect you will not be disappointed!

One more little side note... we aren't big on our kids having a lot of electronics, we really try to limit TV and screen time but the exceptions are long car rides, airplanes and Dr visits... those are the times we're totally fine with him watching a show on our phones or whatever. We haven't wanted to spend the money on an iPad because honestly I just don't think it's necessary for young kids but Carl has been eyeing Amazon's Kindle Fire Kids Edition tablets and we jumped on the deal on Prime Day. It just came in the mail so we gave it a go on our little adventure! One of the big selling points that made us pick this tablet is their amazing warranty... basically anything your child could do to it is covered for two years, you just simply send it in and they send a new one! Huge bonus for parents of busy toddlers!