My Baby Must-Haves


Diaper Bag || Fawn Design

Baby Mittens || Carters

Moccasins || Freshly Picked

Sound Machine || SoundSpa Sound Machine

Baby Monitor || Owlet

Baby Wrap || Solly Baby

Natural Wood Rattle || Bannor Toys

Bottles || Como Tomo

Softest Baby Beanies || Slouch Headwear

Binky || Natursutten

Carseat || Stokke PIPA™ by Nuna Car Seat

Carseat Cover || Milk Snob

I love reading and hearing about other mamas favorite "must-haves" so hopefully this will be helpful to those of you out there looking too!

Find whatever diaper bag YOU love. I have tried quite a few and there are two I mainly switch between, this Fawn Design bag being one of them. I have it all packed and ready for the hospital for all things baby! I love that it is fully lined in the faux leather so anything that spills can be easily wiped up, the option to use it as a backpack or a shoulder bag is such a great option!

Those little mittens sticking out of the bag are a must! These sweet babies come out trying to grab and learn what everything is around them and scratches on their precious faces are the worst, these are a lifesaver!

Baby moccs... I cannot say enough good things about babies and young kids wearing moccasins. Hudson only wore these the first couple years of life because they are breathable, soft, actually STAY on their feet and they are so adorable! Freshly Picked has the best quality ones, yes they're a little pricier but the leather and quality cannot be beat plus they stay so up on the trends so their colors are always spot on!

We didn't have a sound machine at first with Huds and out of desperation trying to find something to help us all get a little sleep my brother told me about this little one, we have LOVED it!! I cannot say enough good things about it. We have used it literally every day for over 3 years for all his naps and every night all night and we are still on the same one. It is super affordable, super easy to use and easy to travel with. We don't go anywhere over night without this thing so you bet it was one of the first things I was sure to snag for baby too! 

Hudson was born at 35 weeks, he did great all day but that first night while we were holding him in our hospital room and he went completely white and lifeless. Carl ran him down to the nursery where we learned he had severe sleep apnea. He was in the NICU for two weeks on oxygen and learning to sleep and breathe at the same time. We brought him home on an apnea monitor for a couple months and he's been totally fine since! Needless to say, it scared us which is why we were so interested when we heard about the Owlet monitors. It is a baby monitor that your baby wears on their foot that watches their heart and breathing while you both sleep. Amazing right?? It is not a medical device but I know a few people personally that it has saved their babies lives just by triggering the alarm when things were a little off. Such a peace of mind, we are so excited to have this to use this time!

One thing I never did with Hudson was baby wearing. Because he had to wear his monitors and leads all the time baby wearing when he was little was quite complicated so we never got into the habit. This time about I want to be able to be active and playing with Hudson while still snuggling this babe, I can already tell the Solly wrap was the perfect choice! The color, the weight of the fabric and the quality are all so great!

I've shared with you my love for Bannor Toys before and this organic rattle is no exception! Also isn't it just the cutest thing ever? I wouldn't mind having that in every baby picture!

Como Tomo bottles, have you heard of this company or felt these bottles before?? I am new to this brand but cannot wait to give them a try! The shape of the nipple is similar to the Tommee Tippee bottles we used and loved before but I didn't love all the pieces. These are the best of both worlds plus they are made out of a soft silicone so the baby can learn to hold the bottle on their own easily, I'll keep you posted on how we like them after they're put to the test!

Every baby/kid needs beanies year round, they just don't keep their body temps up as well at nights even in the Summer and our Slouch Headwear beanies are by far the best out there! They are so darn soft, last forever and look so cute they'll always be a staple at our house!

Have you tried the Natursutten binkies? I am so excited to give these all organic binkies a go! I love knowing they're completely safe for my new fresh baby to be sucking on and honestly I think they are so adorable!

Carseat... really there are so many great ones out there, it's all just a matter of preference and doing your own research. We went with the Stokke carseat this time as well as a Stokke stroller which we are thrilled about! They both had all the features we were looking for plus a few we didn't even know we needed! Love the look of their line and how lightweight the carseat is, some of them seem SO heavy even empty which is never a good sign!

Who else out there is a major germ freak?? I am big time especially when it comes to my kiddos. My husband teases me because I get on an airplane and first thing whip out my clorox wipes and always have hand sanitizer with me. I'm looking into making my own from my Doterra oils so I'll keep you posted on that too! But let me get back on track... we didn't leave our house without the carseat cover. There is nothing worse than strangers touching your baby or getting somewhere and someone is sneezing or coughing right by your babe. Luckily there are so many options out there now, we are loving the Milk Snob ones! They are made out of a lightweight stretch knit fabric, super breathable, doubles as a nursing cover and such darling prints! I'm thinking we're going to like these a lot more that the flap one I made last time, these just seem so easy to use!

Let me know what's on your "must-have" list that needs to be on mine, love hearing what works and what doesn't for others!