Baby's Nursery


Quilt || Handmade by my mom

Rocker || Home Goods

Crib || Amazon

Mirror || Hobby Lobby

Cactus Watercolor Painting || @Giovanaforrest on Instagram

Sheet || Land of Nod

The nursery is officially ready for baby boy to come! I had this idea in my head of what I wanted the nursery to be and thanks to my mom it has exceeded all expectations! Any time I get a picture in my head for a quilt or the curtains for example I can't ever find it anywhere to purchase... then my talented mom just whips it up and always ten times better than I had in mind! This quilt is extra special to me because not only did she make the quilt, she also hand quilted it. It is incredible and I can't wait to watch baby boy cherish it like I do. We are using Hudson's crib which we really have loved! It's been very well loved from him and also been through a move but I kind of love that they are sharing that. My hopes for the nursery because it is a smaller space was to keep things clean, minimal and our personality. I love that there aren't shelves and do-dads all over, just a few statement pieces! How incredible is that cactus painting?? My friend Giovana painted it for me and I am just in love with how it turned out! It was the perfect finishing touch to tie it all together. Plus... I really wanted a cactus in there but lets be real, that's a terrible idea a few months down the road when he's mobile! The gold mirror is also a little touch I love, I ran into Hobby Lobby months ago and there it was, even on sale and I knew it would be just perfect! 

We are SO thrilled to welcome this sweet boy, life is about to get a little different for us... it's been the three of us for 3 1/2 years but we could not be more ready or more excited! Hudson is so so ready to be a big brother and I just can't wait to watch it all unfold in this little space.