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Happy Friday! We are so dang happy at our house that it's the weekend! You know those weeks that feel like they're a month long, are super busy and kind of annoying? That has been our week. We're excited for sunshine, yard work, errands and visiting with friends! 

Over the past year or so we have really tried to make little switches here and there with how we do things. I've mentioned before we love the minimalist lifestyle approach for a lot of things around our house. We have toned down holidays and really I love it! We over think our purchases before buying which has also been a great change, except food... we're working on the eating out thing. Appliances are delivered tomorrow and we CANNOT wait to be eating at home again! Anyways, we have taken this approach with buying things for the baby, nursery and toys as well. That is where Bannor Toys come in... such a great find! They have the most simple, natural minimalist toys that we are just loving. The car we decided to get with "Fillerup" on it because one, hello it's funny... Fillerup on a car! And two, that way the boys can share it and we aren't 100% set on a baby name yet. So far its been a great move because Hudson loves driving it around as well! The little memory game we got has also been such a hit! I love playing it with him and he gets so excited every time he gets a match. It also came in a little cloth bag which is perfect for storing all the pieces so they don't get lost. I can't wait to share with you the darling baby rattle and stuffed animal we snagged for baby boy next month once he's here! So crazy to say that... the countdown is officially on!