The Weekend

Hope you all had a great weekend! We spent ours running errands and doing a million house projects... I think my "nesting" phase I do before babies is a little more than the norm! Last time at this point we packed up and completely moved to a new city weeks before we had Hudson. Always keeping things interesting and the one bonus I was telling my mom yesterday is that it keeps me busy so I have less time to over analyze the pregnancy. That's a great thing for someone like me who gets so anxious over everything!

Our new floors are finally installed and we are loving them! We went with laminate so hopefully they live up to what everyone says, that they're great for kids, nice and durable! Huds keeps asking where all our carpet went but also tells me he "loves our new floors!" and he's shown us how well he can dance on them! Haha It's been a little hard for all of us having the house so torn up and no fridge + kitchen sink + dishwasher + microwave + stove but he has been such a champ! Hoping we're able to fit in a few more naps this week to get him back to his comfortable happy self, he is the best little buddy!

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