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Nena & Co Bag || Day Bag 2

Dress || ASOS Maternity Prairie Dress With Embroidery

Happy Thursday! Hope you all had such a great weekend, we spent ours doing house projects inside thanks to the rain and a birthday party for my brother-in-law! Cabinets are officially installed in the kitchen, flooring comes in today and will hopefully be installed within the next day or two! We sold our appliances so we are officially without a fridge + microwave + stove and dishwasher. We've joked that this whole project is really great for our snacking... you basically just don't eat anything because it's all too hard to get to or impossible to make! Haha 

Last pregnancy at about this same point I started to get really dizzy at times, including passing out at my sis-in-laws reception. Well I think it is coming back... my plan of attack is upping my protein intake first thing in the morning, so hoping that will help! The reason is because my body is so tall it doesn't quite get enough blood flow to my head, it hangs in my feet and at the baby. Last weekend at church about 5 minutes in I had "the feeling" which I know all too well by now, I've always been one to pass out easily! So Carl walked out with me and I spent it on the couch in the hall where I could stretch out my legs and lay back. Good news is, this means we are getting closer to baby boy joining us earth side and we could not be more happy about that! 

The weather was amazing Sunday so we hopped on the opportunity to snap a few pictures of this Day Bag || from Nena & Co. It has been so amazing! Not only do I love the colors and style of the bag but it is so practical! The size + outside pockets + little pocket for my cell phone and keys... needless to say I'm a major fan! I also love the fact that they are one of a kind, you won't see anyone anywhere with the exact same bag which is so fun! They just launched their Convertible Day Bags which also look incredible, you can wear it as a backpack too and with babies sometimes that is just what you need... free hands! I love that they are lightweight, passes as a purse when you're not on mama duty and they spice up any outfit!

Also thanks for being patient with me and the lack of posts the last couple weeks, life's been crazy and the weather has been gloomy so those two paired together have put the blog on the back burner. Stay tuned because I have some fun things coming up in the next couple weeks!!