Tuft & Needle Mattress

Comfiest Mattress || Tuft & Needle

We've been on the lookout for a new mattress for awhile now and the whole idea behind Tuft & Needle sparked our interest. The mattress is 100% made in the U.S. + there is no mattress salesman to deal with + it is delivered to your door within a couple days, amazing right? That's not even the best part... the most exciting thing was the magic trick that happened when we first opened it! My dad and husband got it out put in on the bed just like the instructions said to do and as it came out it was the size of a twin mattress in width and I'm not going to lie I said, "oh man, it must have been mis-marked... it's only a twin." Now I knew it would grow thicker when cut out of the plastic but I had no idea it would grow the way it did, within seconds of cutting open the plastic we had a full size king mattress! It was nothing short of magic, truly amazing! My dad said, "I would not have believed that if I didn't see it for myself!" 

Aside from the "wow" factor when opening the mattress it is so unbelievably comfortable! We've been sleeping on it now for over a week so I feel like I can now give a fair review. It was a little firm for the first couple nights now it is just perfect! We like our beds more on the firm side but this still has the perfect amount of cushion to it as well. It offers a lot of support and I just know as soon as this tummy sleeper (which I know is terrible for wrinkles!) can lay on my stomach again this mattress is going to be THE best! We've had a pillow top mattress since we got married and I've hated that over the years the sides have sunk and the middle had a mountain between us. Well not anymore, our snuggling is back thanks to the new mattress and we are loving it! Thank you so much Tuft and Needle for the greatest addition to our room, our backs and dreamy nights have never been happier!!