Spring Blossoms

Happy Spring! I feel like we're finally done with winter here and could not be happier about it! We love going on adventures with our little family, Hudson always asks if we're going on an "ad-benture today?" It's the sweetest, something about being outside trying new things and finding gems around our state just makes us all so happy!

I'm excited to start a little series over the next week sharing my favorite dresses of the moment both maternity & non maternity. All of them work if you are pregnant or not, win-win! First up is this dress from Old Navy. I can't find the exact one online but I recently bought it in the store so maybe you can snag it at an Old Navy near you! I am super tall so most dresses are just too short on me. Thank heavens my mom is an amazing seamstress, she alters + adds length to so many of them and I may be biased but I LOVE how this one turned out! This one is not maternity but I love comfy dresses that are loose + easy to wear all the time so I'm so excited to have one that will work for years to come!

I've never been pregnant in the warm Spring and Summer months so this year even more than normal I've been on the hunt for the best dresses! I'll pick a great dress over pants any day so if you're like me stay tuned for some great ones to snag!

Dress || ASOS Maternity Midi Dress With Pleats

Also a lot of you were asking about this gray dress I wore, so classic with a little extra detail... basically every closet needs one! 

Happy weekend, hope you're all out doing something you love and take a little time for yourself too!