Coverup + Foundation

Coverup || RMS "Un" Coverup-up 22

Powder || Jane Iredale PurePressed

Bronzer || Au Naturale Powder Bronzer

Finally you guys... the first makeup post is up and it feels good to be back! The days are a little crazy right now, we are completely gutting our kitchen + family room + living room + hallway. We've been picking out granite + flooring + cabinets and all of those exciting things, I can't wait to share the before and after with you and all of the great gems we've found along the way! I have never been so excited to have a pantry in my life! Our kitchen isn't very big so we are configuring it a little different to add a lot more storage and we are just so dang excited!

Anyways back to makeup, hopefully this will help answer a lot of your questions you've sent me! My skin tends to be on the dry/normal side so the products I share are tried and true with those skin types. I never like to share things with you until I feel like I've used them long enough to give them a genuine review so these products are my all-time favorites!

For my concealer + under eye brightener + redness control I use the RMS Uncoverup 22. This is one product I will forever use! It is a coconut oil base so don't let that scare you because I am not a fan of coconut oil usually but it is AMAZING! It is natural, super clean and just does such a fantastic job! I love having products that cover so many categories and this is for sure one of those. It makes your skin look dewy and fresh yet stays put and doesn't crease throughout the day. 

I can't stand wearing a liquid foundation, my skin just doesn't tolerate it well. When I used to do modeling they would put it on for photoshoots and I could not wait to get home and wash it off. I just don't like the heavy feeling, plus it seems to make me break out quite easily. I love the Jane Iredale PurePressed. It does have SPF 20 in it as well which is just one more reason to love it! It goes on smooth, has great coverage for a powder and I love the color Golden Glow because it has such a true yellow tone. My skin has like zero pink tone so it can be tricky finding a powder that is yellow enough to not look silly, this is a winner! Stays on all day, is good for your skin and really smooths things out! Also another great thing, all Jane Iredale products are very concentrated so a tiny bit goes a long way which also helps them to last for a long time!

Okay I am a little bit obsessed with this Au Naturale bronzer in Golden Henna. Honestly it's been years since I've used a true bronzer and after using this one I'm wondering what I was thinking! Bronzers can be tricky because some are so orange, some way too pink and then you just end up looking like a clown... see my dance pictures from Jr. High for proof, haha! I love the concentration and shimmer this powder has. It is not glittery, it just gives that healthy tanned glow! I will admit I was a little hesitant about it being a loose powder because I remember the days of using bare mineral loose powders and how much product was wasted + how messy they were. Good news, it comes with a clear tape like piece over the holes so you can poke a few of them out or just peel back and cut half off. Works like a charm! No excess spillage or waste and also keeps you from using too much product. Just dust on your cheekbones, forehead then softly down the nose and you're ready to go!

I like to keep things simple, clean, quick and affordable and really feel these products cover all my bases while working so so well!