Simple Steps to Natural Skincare

Something I have become very passionate about is knowing the effects our everyday skin routine is having on our bodies. Lotions, perfumes, makeup, hair products all pass through our skin to some extent. For me it has been so interesting to learn the effects it has specifically on our endocrine and reproductive system. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism when I was in elementary school and have had multiple pregnancy losses so it spiked my interest when I realized I could be contributing to it. Do I eat 100% clean? No I do not. Are all of my products I use on my body 100% natural? No. But that is my point. I want to share with you 3 simple steps you can take to get there, the things that I've found to work for me and a process that makes sense financially so you're not breaking the bank all at once.

Step 1: Get rid of your commercial deodorant. I stress this one to everyone, I believe so much in making the switch with this product. For one, hello it is SO simple! You simply find an all natural alternative and choose to buy that instead. No extra steps, sure its a couple dollars more but not a lot and you are completely investing in your health, SO worth it!

Step 2: Download the app "Think Dirty" and go through your makeup/skincare products. Pull out any that score higher than a 3 on the dirty scale, set them aside. You'll be surprised at all the crap that is in them, even the ones we think are pretty clean! Then go through the "dirty" ones and pick the top ones you spread on your skin. For example, leave the eyeshadow and blush that you barely dust on and grab that Bath and Body Works lotion your coating on your body. Pick a few that you will completely toss out right then no matter the waste factor. Remember it's your health you're investing in, it's worth it! Keep the others for now until you use them up or until you feel okay throwing more out.

Step 3: Do your research. Read all about your skin type, your health conditions and know your budget. Example, I wanted to get a certain face oil right at the beginning but I knew it was either five new less expensive products or the one oil for the same price. Remember more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality. So I went with the five (new, still all natural) products then a few months down the road invested in the oil when I felt it made sense to do so. Read up on what your body needs, what to stay away from if you're pregnant/breastfeeding and know what you want to accomplish with the products. Then you're ready to start reading about certain companies!

Are you ready to take the plunge? Let me know if you're going to do it so I can cheer you on! I will be sharing in future posts the certain brands/products I love, things you can DIY to replace store bought as well as the tips and tricks I've learned so far!