The BEST Natural Deodorant

I have such a great post for you guys today, sharing my absolute favorite 100% all natural deodorant! Primally Pure has so many amazing products but this one product of theirs is just hands down the best out there! I have had so many of you asking what deodorant I use, I agree there are a lot out there that simply don't work which makes me even more excited to share this one with you!

Bethany who started Primally Pure is one of the sweetest, most helpful girls. I've gotten to know her simply by ordering and chatting about her products and she is the real deal. She eats a strict Paleo Diet with products from her family's farm in California, makes and formulates all products with only the best and most fresh ingredients. The deodorant even contains tallow from the cows on the farm, how cool is that?? It doesn't get more fresh than that! I personally love the Lavender scent, it is soft enough and when you do sweat you smell like fresh lavender... yummy! I've tried both the "sensitive" and "regular" and even on my sensitive fresh shaven armpits they both work great! No rash, no stinging, no redness and the best part... it doesn't leave my black clothes white or my white clothes yellow! I know it is common for some people to have a reaction to baking soda in their deodorant, so if that is the case go with the baking soda free "sensitive" option! 

To me this is such a no brainer when it comes to taking care of ourselves, switching out our old deodorant is SO simple. Why not grab one that is completely safe, smells delish, works well and is still affordable! 

Use code: EM10

at checkout for 10% off, now you have no excuse to not give it a try!!

Also if you're looking for amazing chapstick, I'm obsessed with Primally Pure's Peppermint! It is the perfect hint of scent without being too much! I love the Fancy Face serum and Complexion mist to switch things up every now and then so my skin doesn't become stagnant with one product! Really you can't go wrong with anything of theirs, I'm so excited to try the new cleansing oils too! I'll keep you posted on how they work for me and which one works best. Be sure to let me know which products you try and how you like the deodorant!!