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Acure Facial Cleanser || NOW Avocado Oil

How many of you are aware of what ingredients you're scrubbing into your skin everyday? I had no clue the effects those types of chemicals could have on my system, all I knew is that they seemed to work and smelled great! Another interesting thing I have learned is we can completely retrain our skin when it comes to how it reacts to things. 

I grew up always washing my face with Dove soap. I loved the squeaky clean effect it had on my skin, seemed to dry it out just enough that I wouldn't really break out and removed all my makeup. Seems perfect right? The only problem is Dove is full of fragrances, not the natural yummy kind the chemical laden ones. So I began my search for a perfectly safe, all natural alternative.

After trying different products the Acure Gentle Facial Wash was a winner! I love how simple this is, you just squirt a little dab on your hand, massage onto your face and rise off with a warm damp cloth. Wha-la, smooth skin, no breakouts, takes off my makeup, not drying yet still squeaky clean! One of the best parts of this cleanser is it is completely affordable and easy to buy, hello Amazon!

Oil cleansing. Many of you have shared with me your concern with oil cleansing and breaking out, here is the secret... there is no one oil for everyone, simple as that. I tried a few different ones before I found what seems to work for me. Started out with coconut oil, switched to apricot oil, then jojoba oil and finally avocado oil, that was the winner for me! You'll want to make sure you are using a high quality oil, that will also have a big impact. I love love using this because it is so gentle. Your skin may have a week or two of "purging" time where your pores are in the cleaning out stage so give it a few weeks before deciding if that oil is for you. A lot of people love coconut oil so that may be a good place to start as well. Most people already have it in the kitchen cupboard which makes it ultra convenient! It has so many great benefits and the possibilities are endless yet for a moisturizer/facial cleanser it was too drying for me. Bummer because I love the smell! I do feel avocado oil was the most gentle and hydrating without clogging pores. You massage this into the skin and eyes then wipe off with a damp cloth as well! I love using this to get off my stubborn eye makeup in combination with the Acure wash as well. 

For stubborn breakouts here and there I love to treat with Doterra's Melaleuca. If I'm feeling like my whole face is struggling I will add one drop to the Acure cleanser and massage into my skin, then wipe off with a warm damp washcloth. If it is one specific spot I'm trying to treat I will just get a dab on my finger and apply right to the breakout. Works like a charm!

Let me know any other questions you have with cleansers, also let me know how these work for you and your favorites too!