Winter Wonderland

We went for a drive last week to a little mountain trail and right as we got to the top it started to snow the prettiest snowflakes. It felt like a real life snow globe, the perfect way to kick off Winter! Hudson was in heaven, he kept wanting to roll his window down to touch each one. 

A few months ago we bought a new family car... a MINIVAN! If you follow me on Instagram you already know our feelings on it but it is just so great! From the time we walked in to Young Kia till we drove away the whole process was so smooth. We usually dread buying cars because the whole thing is such a pain but truly we just feel like we have a little Young Kia family now. If you're in Utah and in the market for a new car be sure to check out the Young dealerships and ask for Aaron, you won't be disappointed I promise! 

My whole life I said I'd never drive a minivan, "I'll be one of the moms that drives a sporty SUV"... then I had kids, saw the Kia Sedona and found that a "sporty VAN" actually does exist! You can't argue with the fact that a minivan is prime for a family, especially a family with young kids. The automatic doors themselves are saving us, hello no door dings! If you're on the fence, you can't get over the look or the fact that you're a "minivan mom" just give this one a try. And give it a try at the new Young Kia dealership. It's sporty, sleek, SO functional, so dang comfortable (hello first and second row seat heaters!) and super smooth to drive. We are hooked, never thought I'd see the day!

We went with the mid model + a few add-on packages and we're so happy we did. The 7 cameras make me feel so safe while driving, detecting blind spots, letting you know if you get too close to something or if something is behind to the car. The tech package allows you to drive completely hands-free with your whole phone and directory synced which has been a huge convenience that I didn't even know I needed. Also, it has been cold here the past few days, like super cold and that steering wheel heater is so amazing! We love that you have the option to have a bench (3 seats) right behind the driver or you can easily take the middle one out and use it as captain seats. In fact it is so easy to switch things around, I moved the middle seat out alone while Carl was at work one day. Love that. With the seats being able to fold down flat in the back the possibilities for seating and trunk space is endless. Groceries don't go flying around because it dips down nice and deep in the back too. Hudson is still saying how much he loves our new "ban", in fact I have a sweet story to share a sweet story with you. The night we went and test drove it we took it to my parent's house where the boys were. Hudson came out and sat in it, told us how much he loved it and how excited he was. We told him we weren't sure we were going to get it, that it was a lot of money. Then through watery eyes he told Carl "it's okay daddy, you can have ALL my money in my piggy bank for it and then we'll have enough!" Our hearts melted. Kids are so so special aren't they? He was just sure with his money that would make it work! 

Thanks so much Young Kia for helping us find the perfect family car, we are truly loving it! 

Check out the cars they have available here and ask Aaron to help you out!