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October's Bookroo books

What a night last night, right? On top of just getting back from traveling, daylight savings time change, transitioning Riley out of the swaddle, we were up wayyy too late last night and I'm feeling even more like a zombie today. Fingers crossed bedtime comes soon and goes smoothly and that the boys sleep in tomorrow... a girl can dream right?!

With life feeling a little crazy the past couple weeks we have made an extra effort to slow down when we can with snuggles and a book. Both of my parents were elementary school teachers so their love for children's books has rubbed off on us! I love reading with the boys, especially Hudson. It's kind of "our time" while Riley naps which makes it even more special. He loves reading and could read for hours just book after book, it's so cute! When I heard about Bookroo I was all in to collaborate with them, what's better than amazing children's books being delivered directly to your door? Oh and did I mention they are perfectly wrapped and packaged to make it even more exciting for the kids! One thing with children's books is it can be SO overwhelming trying to decide which ones to buy, especially when ordering online. Bookroo takes the guess work out of it and picks amazing books month after month! When you sign up for a subscription with Bookroo you have the choice to pick either "board books" or "picture books". You simply pick the number of months you'd like to have them ship and the price goes down if you do the full year membership. Plus, I saw today they are even running a 15% off sale! Books are pricey, that's just the way it is and the worst thing is when you spend the money, read through the book you're all excited about and it's a terrible book. Come on, don't tell me I'm the only one that has had that happen? Well don't let it happen again, leave it to Bookroo, you won't be sorry I promise!