Teething Talk

These are one of our newer ones that quickly became a favorite! The quality is amazing and the detail is SO cute! If you have a girl, this company has a Russian Doll teether set that is to die for!

I love the natural wood and simple colors of the Nature Bubz teethers! Their silicone ones are also muted, in style colors and shapes! 

This set is a must! (Plus the octopus, we couldn't find him for photos but has since been found so all is well again!) I have so many photos of Hudson using these and they are some of Riley's favorites as well! Look how great they still look after so much use? Dishwasher safe and adorable!

This little giraffe is super cute, a little heavy, great quality but not dishwasher safe. Not a huge deal but I do love being able to put them in there so I know they are getting a nice hot wash! Riley likes him so he was a keeper.

This bracelet teether is also a hand me down from Hudson that is still in perfect condition and a favorite of both boys! It comes in a few different color combos, easy for them to hold and great texture!

Robot Teethers

Minimalist Wood Teethers

Wheel and Anchor Teether (Octopus not pictured but comes in the set and we love it!)

Giraffe Teether

Bracelet Teether

Can you believe it is already mid November? Carl and I were talking last night and I just realized next week is Thanksgiving, NEXT week! Where has the time gone? It doesn't feel like the holidays to me at all... I don't know if its because we've traveled a few times to warmer weather lately or if it's because it has been such amazing weather here? Either way I'll take it, the snow can wait until Christmas in my opinion!

Now on to teethers! Both of my boys have teethed so early so finding natural remedies and great teethers has been key! We have a few that Hudson loved and used all the time yet still look brand new and of course they are Riley's favorites too! Finding lightweight, easy to hold teething toys has been important too with them being so young when they start. Both boys got their first 2 teeth at four months! The best part is, most of these teethers can be bought on Amazon. We love anything we can buy with Prime shipping, have it delivered to our doorstep and avoid the germs!

For the pain I love being able to use natural remedies like my oils whenever possible! Lavender along the jawline works wonders for the pain, it gives the sweet babes instant relief! Have you seen the new Touch line from Doterra? Pre-diluted in roller bottles, perfect for young kids and travel! If you're interested I would love to help out with your oil needs, feel free to email me!

I love finding great silicone teethers, they hold up well and most of them can be placed right in the dishwasher for a deep clean! I also love the look of the natural ones with wood accents. If you're having a hard time finding good ones like I was, look no further! Nature Bubz teethers are great! They have the simple minimalist look I love and they also carry great quality silicone ones!

Let me know any of your favorites! Also do any of you use the amber teething jewelry on your babies? I'm not 100% sold on them but willing to try if they truly work!