Christmas Card Favorites //

One of our holiday traditions that started the very first Christmas we were married was our Christmas card. I look forward to this every year! Picking out the outfits, choosing my favorite card options and doing the photos. Now the photos have gotten a little trickier to do as we've added kids but I am so excited to finally have some nice pictures done with Riley in them! I wanted to share my top Christmas card picks for this year with you guys! I like to go through the whole Minted website, which they've made so easy to do with the "find it fast" option, then narrow it down to the few I just love. When you click that feature on their site it automatically uploads your photo into all the cards making it so quick and easy to picture exactly how it will look! I also like to pick a few cards I have my eye on before even taking the photos, that way when we go to take photos we can make sure we have a few that will work with the style of card I've chosen. It's also helpful to know if you're needing more landscape or portrait, I learned that the hard way! One year I was set on a certain card, didn't tell the photographer which direction I needed so most of them were shot the opposite way. So there's my little tip for you to hopefully help make yours run smoothly!

Here is the best part of this whole post... Minted wants to give two of my readers a $125 giftcard! Hello, perfect timing for your Holiday cards! All you need to do to enter is click this link and fill it out. Bonus if you comment back on my Instagram letting me know you entered!

I love the simple, minimalist type cards but I also love a little foil or pop of color! I usually prefer a single photo style verses multiple photos, that's just my personal preference but with a new babe this year I may have to do a couple photos! 

Here are a few of my favorites! Click on the picture to check them out: