Acorns: Investing Your Spare Change

Hey there! Don't let the blog title bore you or scare you away. I promise I'll be quick and this will be worth your time :)

I've always been interested in saving and investing money. I'm the guy stopping to pick up a penny in the grocery store parking lot, and even though I'm 29 years old, my face still lights up when I visit my parents in Arizona and my dad gives me a bag of coins or tells me to keep the change after paying for something at the store. I know that pennies add up and I've seen that over the years.

As a father and husband, supporting my family and planning for the future (and doing it well) is a main goal of mine. I'm always looking for new ways to make money and new ways to save/invest my money. When I heard about the Acorns app, I knew it was perfect for me. 


Acorns makes saving painless. You can link any of your debit or credit cards to your account and Acorns will round up each purchase to the nearest dollar. That round up amount will be invested in your Acorns app. Below is a video that shows how it works:

Super easy, right?

I started using Acorns a couple years ago. I signed up and wanted to use it to secretly save for a fun 10-year anniversary trip for Emily and I. I was too excited about the app so within about 2 days I told Emily about it and ruined that surprise, but it's been fun watching it grow and we are trying to decide what to use it for! Maybe remodeling our tiny master bathroom at some point :) This is such a great way to save up for retirement, a down payment, a car, an emergency fund, etc. Also perfect for any stage of life!

In addition to the round ups with each purchase, you can do the following to increase your savings: 

  • Recurring investments - For example, you can deposit an extra $10 each week, or $5 each day, whatever you want! I personally have a recurring investment each week and it adds up quickly! I have slowly bumped it up over time and you don't even notice the small increases.
  • One-time investments - If you get a bonus at work or some birthday money from grandparents and want to invest it, just do a one-time investment for whatever amount you would like. Put that money to work rather than sitting in a savings account.
  • Found money - This is money you get when you make purchases through their app with one of their many partners. I have used this a couple times. The first time I used Airbnb I booked it through Acorns and got 2.8% of the total price invested in my account. I also get rewards when I pay for my Dollar Shave Club purchases, which is 10% of my total order price.
  • Referral bonuses - You get $5 when a friend signs up through your link. They occasionally have limited time bonuses. In January, you can get a $1,000 bonus if 10 people sign up with your link. That's in addition to the $5 bonus for each. Not bad! 

My goal is to help at least 10 people sign up and start saving this month! You will get $5 when you sign up to get you started! If you have questions, send us an email or comment on this post. I love talking about the Acorns app (or any other ways to save/invest) so don't hesitate to ask. 

>> Start investing now! Sign up HERE. <<

BONUS: We want to send you a free Slouch Headwear beanie if you sign up and make your first deposit in January! Once you sign up and make your first investment, send us an email at and we will get your beanie shipped out.

Comment below and let us know what you would use Acorns to save up for. If you want to hear more ways to make or save/invest money for you and your family, let me know what you would like to hear more about. Happy saving!


Carl Fillerup

Husband to Emily and father of two adorable boys, Hudson and Riley. I'm the financial analyst for the Department of Surgery at a hospital in Utah. I enjoy drone photography, sports, travel, finance, meeting new people and managing our online company, Slouch Headwear.

Minimalist Stocking Stuffer Guide

Growing up Christmas was HUGE at our house, every year felt like magic! My parents would find the perfect gifts, my mom would hand make and embroider doll dresses and dress-ups, find the perfect jewelry item or surprise us with the treat we always asked for! It was the highlight of every year, Christmas Eve pj's and Christmas Day are some of my very favorite memories. While I want that same magic feeling, the excitement of waking up to see what Santa brought and finding those perfect gifts I feel so torn on the actual amount of what to gift. I want it to be a super special and exciting day filled with fun toys and treats but also lots of memories laughing with family and just hanging out. I get so overwhelmed with too much stuff around the house and the toy clutter is a major contributor. The rest of the year I spend getting rid of excess and only buying things we actually need so I don't want to undo all of that on Christmas. I love finding those perfect gifts and the way some friends have suggested to gift is something to read, wear, want and need makes me feel a little too trapped. So send any ideas you have my way, this year we have kept it pretty small with a few toys they have fallen in love with. Books in my opinion are one thing kids can never have too many of so we always do books as well as family games like Sorry and Candy Land things that we can all play and do together. Here are a few of my minimalist stocking stuffer ideas, these are things you'll find in our stockings pretty much every year and things we use every day!

Organic Hard Candies - I like to find fun little treats that we don't buy normally just to have something different and makes it special!

Chocolate - I prefer super dark chocolate, Carl loves milk chocolate or any gummy treats!

Gum - hands down the best gum out there, keeps its flavor forever!

40oz Hydro Flask - by far the best water bottle I've found, The straw lid is a MUST and such a game changer from the twist top!

Doterra's OnGuard beadlets and tablets - We love these little things for ourselves and the boys on days when we're going to be out around a lot of people or when we feel a little something coming on. They are filled with oils to boost immunity naturally from the inside out!

Tweezerman tweezers - THE best tweezers out there, I've tried so many brands and every year on Christmas I love getting a new pair!

Tongue Scraper - Have you heard of tongue scraping and all the benefits?! I started doing this awhile ago and LOVE it! Your body naturally detoxes over night and a lot of that crap sits on your tongue so waking up and drinking or eating something just puts all of that detoxing back into your system. Brushing just moves it around and then it sits in your toothbrush. You simple scrape your tongue a few times morning and night and just rinse with hot water, you'll never go back it makes your mouth feel SO clean! I love this brand and although I've ordered for Carl too they always send pink haha the only downside!

Hand Sanitizer - This one is natural and a spray which is so convenient for kids when out and about!

Chapstick - Carl is a chapstick hoarder... he can't go anywhere without it! When he played football he would even keep one in his sock just incase he needed it while on the field haha, I love it about him! His all time favorite is Blistex!

Stance socks - If you or the man or kids in your life haven't tried Stance socks this is THE perfect time and gift for them! The quality can't be beat, they last forever and the designs are amazing!!

I hope that helps, it's nothing crazy but some fun useful gifts that anyone would love! Hope you all have the Merriest Christmas with the ones you love!

DIY Laundry Soap


I have been wanting to make the switch to clean, DIY, no harsh chemical type soaps and cleaners around the house for awhile now and I'm proud to say I've done it and I LOVE it! It is so fulfilling to make something that is so useful, actually works and is safe for my family, not to mention cost effective! This laundry soap recipe is effective, smells amazing and yes it actually cleans your clothes! I love that it doesn't have borax, that has always been my hesitation with making a lot of the DIY recipes out there so I've been super excited about this one! You can also grate a bar of Fels Naptha into the mixture and that will make it a little thicker too if you prefer that. Here's the recipe I used, now when I do my laundry it smells like a spa in my home that isn't filled with fake, hormone disrupting chemicals so I can feel great about using it which is so rewarding!


DIY Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

1/2 Cup Super Washing Soda

1/2 Cup Baking Soda

3/4 Cup Castille Soap - I use Dr Bronner's Lavender

Wooden spoon

20-30 Drops Essential Oils of your choice - I use Serenity, Citrus Bliss, Balance and White Fir. Mine are all Doterra and this combo smells like the Capri Blue Volcano scent, aka Anthropologie smell!

You will need a 2 gallon bucket, I bought a new clean one and just store everything inside of it so it all stays clean and together for easy mixing!

These are the jars I got, you will need two. I love that they're glass so the oils don't go bad in there, they are a great size so you can give the soap a little shake before using and they're just simple and clean looking. I also love that I bought it all on Amazon, it doesn't get any easier than that!



1. Pour 1/2 cup Super Washing Soda into the 5 gallon bucket and add just enough hot tap water to cover the soda. Stir until dissolved.

2. Add in 1/2 cup Baking Soda to the mixture, stir until dissolved.

3. Fill up the bucket almost all the way to the top leaving about 1 inch. Make sure you do this before adding the soap or you'll have a big bubbly mess!

4. Pour in 3/4 cup Dr Bronner's Castille Soap and mix well. Like I said, I love the lavender scent but you can get unscented or they also have peppermint and citrus and things like that too!

5. Add essential oils. I did about 10 Serenity, 8 Citrus Bliss, 6 Balance and 4 White Fir. Use whatever you love, this is the fun part!

6. Pour laundry soap into the jars. I just use my measuring spoon then when it gets lower I pour the rest in.

You will use 1/3 Cup per load for standard size loads.

*This laundry soap separates a little when sitting so just shake it before you scoop into your washer.

Also the smell is not overpowering like you're used to with detergent, just because it smells good doesn't mean it is clean. Clean laundry smells crisp and fresh but not like perfume. Let me know if you make it and how you like it! I am so excited with how it has worked for us!


Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Hey guys! Carl here. I put together a gift guide of things that I am currently loving. Hopefully this helps give you some gift ideas for the men in your life, whether it's your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, son or even for yourself! I've included all of the product links below and they are ordered from least expensive to most expensive. If you order something, comment and let me know what you ordered! Would love to hear what you liked.

Some of them have killer deals today for Cyber Monday so it's worth taking a peek today.

Blender Bottle: I use this all the time for protein drinks and all of the other powder drink mixes that I love. Plus it's inexpensive and easy to wash! Definitely a must-have.

The 10x Rule Book: This book was written by Grant Cardone, who is a business and real estate and sales guru and he is all about living your life 10x and taking massive action. I follow him on Instagram and Facebook and he's a smart dude. Any of Grant Cardone's book are great!

Shoe Dog Book: Another great book that I have and love. This is about Phil Knight, the founder of Nike and it is excellent. I'm trying to read more and everyone told me this is one I definitely need to add to my collection, so I did!

Compression Pants: Lately I have been playing flag football with some guys in the neighborhood and I wanted some compression pants to wear under my shorts but didn't want to spend a lot. I found these on Amazon and they are super comfortable and have held up really well and they come in several different prints. Not name brand like Nike, but the price can't be beat!

Dry Bag: I bought this before a fishing trip to Alaska this summer and I loved it! I put all of my camera gear in there and still had room for other stuff. Keeps all of your valuables perfectly dry and was actually really comfortable to wear. I would say this is a must-have for any trips involving water.

Lightweight Backpack: We did a Disneyland trip this year with the kids and I wanted a lightweight backpack that I could carry all of our stuff in and this backpack was perfect. Definitely lightweight and I absolutely loved it. It's not a popular name brand bag but I'm totally fine with that for the functionality and price! Great for day trips, hikes, theme parks, etc.

Amazon Fire Stick: We have two of these already and just purchased a third for our guest room in the basement. Since we only use our guest room like 10 days a year when family is in town, we are turning it into more of a hangout/workout room and the Fire Stick is perfect for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime shows/movies and streaming workout videos. These are priced really well for what they offer and make a great gift!

TV Mount: We have been in our house for over 3 years now and decided it's finally time to hide those annoying TV cables! I just ordered a couple of these TV mounts and they arrive tomorrow. I got the Amazon Basics brand because they were less expensive than other brands and I have been really impressed with Amazon Basics products in the past. This is a quick way to clean up the look of your TV area, especially if your guy has a man cave!

Amazon Dot: We have had one of these for a while now and have loved it! We bought another one on Black Friday and just received it yesterday and we are going to put that one down in the basement. We have Amazon Music Unlimited and love having the Amazon Dots around the house to stream music. The voice commands with Alexa are great. Our son Hudson loves asking her to tell jokes and I use it to ask about things like weather or sports and use the voice commands to adjust the temperature in the house (it links to your Nest thermostat). Great for your family room, bedroom or an office!

Door Basketball Hoop: Most guys would love a little basketball hoop for their office or man cave door. Nothing better than taking a break from work to try some trick shots!

Sound Machine: We have been using sound machines in our boys rooms for years now and got one for our room several months ago when both of our boys decided to sleep terribly for months on end. The Dohm sound machine has been my favorite so far and looks nice even if it's sitting out on your nightstand. I sleep like a rock even without a sound machine, but the sound machine is still nice and has helped Emily a lot! If you or anyone in your family is a light sleeper and could use some white noise, this is the way to go!

Hydro Flask: Who doesn't love to stay hydrated?! The hydro flask is the perfect size and comes in several cool colors. Not ideal for bike rides or other outdoor activities due to its weight, but perfect for around the house, running errands or at the office.

XBOX Live: I'm not a big-time gamer, but my brother-in-laws and I will occasionally play together at night because we can all be on the same team and talk while we play so it's cool! We always get dominated but it's still fun for the bonding. This is a good gift if you have an XBOX so he can play online with others.

Nike Free Running Shoes: I have a pair of Nike Free shoes that I wear all the time and they are super lightweight and comfortable. I love the black and white because it's classic and plain so it goes with almost any outfit. Definitely a staple item for the closet. 

Ring Video Doorbell: I don't have this doorbell yet, but my sister does and has loved it! It's on my list for Christmas and seems super cool for a decent price. The video doorbell let's you see who is at the door whether you're home or not, looks really modern and clean and is a nice little upgrade for the home. 

FitBit Ionic: I bought this during Black Friday and Emily has it hiding in our closet somewhere as a Christmas present for me. I'm still hoping she may let me use it before then :) I currently have a Garmin smartwatch but had a FitBit before and am excited to switch back to FitBit. This Ionic watch comes in a cool charcoal color that I'm excited about. I'm a numbers guy so I love tracking steps and other activity metrics so this watch is right down my alley. You can also connect with friends and do group challenges, which the competitive side of me loves! Great gift for anyone who wants to be more active.

Nest Thermostat: We bought this thermostat last Black Friday and have really liked it! It's easy to install and looks great mounted on the wall. It's nice to be able to control the thermostat from your phone, especially when you're in bed and don't want to walk out and change the temperature or when you're out of town. The thermostat has helped us reduce our utility bills and you get a monthly report summarizing your usage. Plus, most utility companies offer a rebate for installing one. Our rebate was $100! Another great gift, especially if your guy is into electronics.

Bose Wireless Headphones: These were another Black Friday score for me this year. They arrive tomorrow so I haven't tried them out yet, but I have had Bose speakers before and they are amazing. I'm excited to use these wireless headphones at work and on the treadmill at our house since the cord on my current headphones sometimes get annoying. They may be slightly less sexy than the Beats by Dre headphones, but I'm okay with that if I get better sound and save some money.

Drone: The drone has been one of my favorite purchases within the last year! Hands down. I am way into photography so I knew I would get a lot of use out of it and it was definitely worth the larger price tag. If he has mentioned he wants a drone, I would definitely go with a DJI drone. I have the Mavic Pro and it's incredible. The drone is perfect for trips and I'm wishing I had purchased it sooner. If you want to see some drone shots, a few of my shots are posted here. This is a pricey gift but can be a really fun hobby.


Carl Fillerup

Husband to Emily and father of two adorable boys, Hudson and Riley. I'm the financial analyst for the Department of Surgery at a hospital in Utah. I enjoy drone photography, sports, travel, finance, meeting new people and managing our online company, Slouch Headwear.


Hooray for the last of the Q&A's, so sorry it has taken me a bit to finish these out! I've had a lot of you asking about the makeup I use as well as a hair tutorial for how I curl my hair. I'll get the tutorial up this weekend hopefully so I'll keep you posted on that!

Before we jump into all the details I feel like we need to chat for a minute. I'm sure most of you, if you've been around for a bit, know I did all-natural skincare for a couple years. I loved how I felt, how my skin felt and how my blood test levels looked when I had things checked at the doctor. I have hypothyroid as well as PCOS and some other health things so getting my blood drawn and levels monitored happens quite often for me. I started using Rodan and Fields because my skin needed help, it was dull and showing signs of aging... it looked tired. R+F gave me results, it helped so much and brought back some life and glow to my skin. I have ultra sensitive skin and the skin around my eyes began to get irritated so I stopped applying around my eyes. Then I had my blood drawn and some of my levels were kind of off. My doctor started naming the things that could cause the rise in different levels and the only thing I've really changed majorly is my skincare. So here I am, back to square one of where to go next? I've stopped using Rodan and Fields because although I had amazing results I'm going to really try and get back to a more all-natural approach. 

Some of you have asked what my skincare routine looks like, what I love and how I use them and here's the short answer... I don't have a good one at the moment. I am researching a lot, weighing out the pros and cons and trying to figure out the best route to take next. I will be sure to keep you posted and what I find but until then I just wanted us to be on the same page!

I've always loved using natural products on my body and around the home as much as possible, so a lot of my makeup favorites are on the "cleaner" side. I've been using these for a couple years now so I feel like I've finally found some great ones that withstand the test of time!

Eye Cream: The one thing that has been saving my poor irritated eyes is this Bless Beauty Balm. It is SUPER clean, amazing company, top notch ingredients, beautiful packaging and keeps my skin nice and hydrated. The smell is amazing! Also it can be used as a moisturizer or a cleansing balm, pretty sweet!

Concealer: RMS "Un" Cover-up 22 This was one of the first things I tried when I was switching all my makeup to natural and I have just loved it. It lasts me about 9 months, is nice and creamy, matches my skin well and just covers little blemishes here and there perfectly. I just use my finger to apply in a tapping motion right over the spot and it perfectly fades it. 

Under Eye Concealer:  Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle in the color #2 This is my saving grace with babies and young kids... I don't get enough good quality sleep and my dark circles can get pretty bad. It's lightweight and dewy, doesn't crease and doesn't look thick or cakey. Just apply with ring finger in a patting motion, less is more with this one.

All Over Face Powder: Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 in the color Golden Glow I use this as my "foundation" type makeup. It goes on smooth, wears well all day and looks super natural.

Bronzer: Au Naturale Bronzer, I've tried Golden Henna and Kissed and like both! Apply with a loose fluffy brush for a natural looking application. I just dust the outside of my forehead, and right under my cheekbones. I've had the same tube for a year and a half and its still pretty full!

Compact Bronzer: Jane Iredale PurePressed in Cognac I'm aware this is more of a face powder but it is the perfect color and consistency to contour with. A lot of "bronzers" have too much sheen or glitter for my liking, this one is super matte and looks very natural applied lightly under the cheekbones and on the sides of the nose for a more chiseled look. I don't contour everyday but I love it to look natural yet still nice and crisp when I do and this is perfect for that!

Eyeshadow: I still use MAC eyeshadow because I bought them years ago and they last forever. My 3 colors I wear almost everyday are Mulch, Nylon and Goldmine. Mulch in the crease, Nylon under my brows and Goldmine to softly blend the two.

Eyeliner: Almay Pen Eyeliner I LOVE the ball point pen tip on this, it's super easy to control, wears well and doesn't irritate my eyes.

Lips: I've done a full post on these in the past but my favorite ones are NYX Matte. They wear so well, have amazing color payoff, a great color range and inexpensive!

Hopefully this helps for those of you who are having a hard time knowing where to start for some cleaner options. I'll keep you posted on my skincare updates over the next couple weeks!